Daydream platform big wave hit domestic VR machine manufacturers how to survive

July was already drawing to a close, but warm in the summer, as always, no more no less. Winter VR experience capital projects like this summer, hot. Today’s entrepreneurial circles no matter who opened the Conference, if not to mention “VR” and “IP” both concepts are ashamed of herself at the front air inlet.

If you’re in Shanghai, you can find a large number of VR on the largest game show-related enterprises. Hardware manufacturers, content providers, and also has a small Development Studio. Just yesterday, Sony announced at ChinaJoy PSVR Edition will be held on October 13 and synchronized global listed, price of 2999. VR hardware industry seems to be moving in the path of mature, but we should not forget that lurking in this heat wave giant Google.

Daydream platform big wave hit, domestic VR machine manufacturers how to survive?

In May of this year’s Developer Conference, Google shows the new VR to the public policies in the field of optimization–world’s largest share of the mobile platform Android operating system, the introduction of unified VR Daydream. Provided that they meet the standard Android phones meet the Daydream Daydream platform hardware into Gear like VR-like head. And Google makes it clear that, Daydream platform will be launched in the autumn. For mobile phone makers, which was giving them the perfect opportunity to step into mobile VR platform.

For domestic existing VR machine, however, Daydream platform to push them to the forefront: If struggling to fight to find a suitable path of development, then soared in the wind and waves, might become under a Unicorn enterprises; but if the direction is wrong, they will be swallowed by big waves, pieces. In this wave of waves, the machine manufacturers is how to think about this problem?

Little-known first generation machine

Speaking of IDEALENS, most likely to be a face of ignorant force, there may be some people know they recently for the second generation equipment in their second generation product IDEALENS K2 in the United States and Japan held two press conferences. But in any case we IDEALENS K1 is the first device under any impression of. “In the beginning when we didn’t want to do a VR machine, happened to be a 120 ° vision lens, so just wanted to say or make a good machine. VR also wanted to do before, but no barriers. But after this montage, I think it’s time to do this. “Idealens Song Haitao told the sense of immersion, the founder.

Previous generation IDEALENS K1 shipped a total of around 3000 units, compared to Gear VR mega shipments, an almost negligible number, but Song Haitao does not mind, he say there is no plan to sell too much, because the products were not facing consumers in the first paragraph. “Our K1-one face is a b side, and in some there are some sales channels. “Dr song adds,” at one time, I think not to do a fake product, do you think so many domestic one, everybody is around 96 degrees FOV, why is that? 」

Daydream platform big wave hit, domestic VR machine manufacturers how to survive?

This is indeed a serious problem. Now popular culture: If we are to understand the VR machine, is not difficult to find most of them modeled Gear VR hardware parameters. Experience spell with close Gear VR, interaction is the side your trackpad, Conference is to promote all the chips. There is no doubt, Gear move VR VR is the industry benchmark, but the machine manufacturers have not only limited to “reference”, and refers to domestic VR content developers: “Gear VR part primary code and these manufacturers are in fact not much difference is not so much difference, as it is said to be the source code plus a layer of shells. As long as the related SDK gave us, we’ll make some adjustments directly on the other side of the app store launched. 」

Juicy Couture

So when we asked Dr song about domestic VR machine from the start to what is happening now when Dr song was answered: “from the beginning up to now without any changes in the VR machine at the technical level, there is nothing ground-breaking innovation. This environment are pretty dirty–we sell our equipment can delay “17 Ms”, even boast can do “10ms” within, but we cannot really measure in this regard is, of course, they want to say what you said. So we in the United States, Japan, August home again after a press conference, while we cling to the international publicity needs, but on the other hand was forced by domestic manufacturers. 」 Juicy Couture iPhone 6 Case

Settle down, all in core technology and patents

From currently available on one machine, it is not difficult to see the part that many Smartphones now need, such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, and used for rendering mobile processors, and so on. This is why mobile chip maker Qualcomm will blood one of the reasons for this area. In the first half of this year, when we’ve already seen the VR machine landed carrying Xiao long 820 chip market.

Mobile phone manufacturers with their supply chain and offline channels, many years of advantage study from Samsung, the introduction of VR devices use with their flagship, Daydream platform on which the waves can be said to make things. As a result, is not domestic machine manufacturers were sitting ducks? Song said, must have the core technology can be broad industry needs and commensurate with patent barriers can only survive as long as the waves build in which good patent barriers, you can survive this wave. Clearly, following the Daydream, 20ms low latency is not the so-called core technology, while the remaining core of the necessary technology was perhaps the only large FOV and cost-efficient location tracking, and so on.

Daydream platform big wave hit, domestic VR machine manufacturers how to survive?

Idealens (virtual world technology Ltd), responsible for developing production of VR products, optical and position tracking company. Some of it is in optical “lucky” resulted in the VR machine Idealens to develop its own.

“Starting to do is lens–I think a lot of things are not designed, but to find out. Then we do more and more, more and more solid, and then have a product idea, began to began to cooperate with others, “song said,” the VR determined to fire up the concept something is 2015, and four or five years ago we began to prepare some patents on the thing. In Qualcomm’s words, this is called “core necessary barriers”. 」

Patent is is divided into practical type patent and invention type patent two species, simple of for, both of difference is, general situation Xia, practical type of innovation sex than invention type big, and by protection of time more short (practical type for 10 years protection period, and invention type for 20 years protection period) but also not absolute of, like some patent only application practical type, and quality also excellent. However, the practical patent procedures and time is shorter than invention. But no matter what kind of patents must after a certain time of the audit. In theory, a company can be achieved by a large number of applications for utility-model patents “stacked patent” the objective, of course, this also requires considerable human and financial resources.

Daydream platform big wave hit, domestic VR machine manufacturers how to survive?

“Usually, when we think patent such a thing is not very important, but in fact is not the case, especially in new areas. It’s things like underwear, usually may not show it, but if you really can’t. “On patents, and Dr song explains,” but the number of patents is not more is better, we need to pay attention to is quality rather than quantity of patents. 」

Currently IDEALENS has received more than 70 patents, including more than 20 number of invention patents. Daydream wings the plug cell phone manufacturers compared with startups, although in manufacturing and supply chain has the absolute advantage, but their new patents in the field of layout may not advance.

Sketch map of IDEALENS showing percentage of immersion’s patents in the optical scheme 45%, followed by the method 30%, which reflects the proportion invested big in optics in the early IDEALENS, but also will exert a decisive influence on IDEALENS business model, particularly after the Daydream platform.

One machine is just part of the business, ODM is another part

Advertising in various PC brands in the end must ultimately be that “Intel inside”, Intel as the chip manufacturer itself does not manufacture PC but it is the world’s largest supplier of PC chips. Dr song compared IDEALENS VR Device Intel: “we have to do our VR equipment” IDEALENS inside “. “Why would Dr song to Intel as the IDEALENS analogy of development objectives?

“The current VR machine manufacturers to be copied on all aspects from other Gear VR, ready-made programme with other programmes and manufacturers to look for Foundry production. Why the FOV and Gear like VR is 96 °, is the reason, “his doctor explained,” we own the optical scheme and patent, there are many manufacturers have come to us on the issue of cooperation. 」

Optical technology development for so many years, is already a relatively mature field, but only in a static field. In the VR device, through the lens viewing static images is not much of a problem, but the problem lies in the movement on the screen, once the image movement or displacement occurs with head start, unqualified VR devices bring the discomfort of the exception obviously. To reduce discomfort, need from several aspects, such as hardware performance, low delay frame interpolation algorithms of picture and prediction and optimization of optical components with distortion correction algorithm and so on, summed up the picture to the right eye – is to see pictures to match the response with the brain.

Daydream platform big wave hit, domestic VR machine manufacturers how to survive?

 Optical effects at a glance for the VR, which is particularly reflected in the processing of visual distortion above. Samsung Gear VR algorithm has completed 96 ° FOV cases on the distortion of Visual processing. And if larger FOV, the user’s immersion will also enhance, but come on how to deal with this kind of visual distortion, distortion in this regard include optical distortion and display distortion and relatively more complex.

“Other optical companies are watching this thing, without regard to the patent problem, they could surely make a variety of shots, but the point is they may not be able to figure out algorithms problems. , “Song told reporters.

NVIDIA, is known to support the developers have released a VRWorks Kit. As a chip maker can’t handle algorithm problem yet? This on the one hand we need to understand is that for different lenses and Kit to do different kinds of adjustments, not to mention the amount of these adjustments work is not small. We have reason to believe that research and development capabilities of NVIDIA can make the appropriate algorithms, but it certainly takes a certain amount of time and money, and NVIDIA is a chip maker, in optics the accumulation may not be as relevant industrial companies.

Daydream platform big wave hit, domestic VR machine manufacturers how to survive?

Idealens consideration in this regard is that regardless of the VR machine what to do, they will use his accumulated optical tracking and location, for each VR equipment manufacturers to provide solutions. “We lucky enough to be the platform at the system level through killing, about Google, and we can do in this regard. After Daydream platforms out in the future, everyone can use Daydream platform to optimize their system within delay to 20ms. But this optical tracking and location of this level, perhaps Google will cooperate with us in the future. “Dr song,” and content development on the one hand, we have our own corresponding SDK. We work with equipment manufacturers, using our solutions, also means that developers need to use our matching SDK for content development. In addition, we have been given equipment to Europe and some of the developers. 」

IDEALENS the significance of this product, and more is to show to the outside world they have the ability to develop, and for the ODM is the more important part of their business model. IDEALENS products in the consumer-oriented at the same time, also carrying experiments developed by the company’s latest technology mission. Juicy Couture


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