IOS 9 which is the official release of the system change?

Beijing time on September 17, 2015 1:00,iOS 9 full version began to push, the iOS 9 systems did not conduct a seismic change in the interface, we saw more App comes with new features and system settings, smaller improvements, let us look at what brings the iOS 9? Want to upgrade?

Note: small update this iOS device are Hong Kong version 16GB iPhone 6 9 Plus


IOS 9 new wallpaper

System iOS version update will usher in a new wave of high definition wallpapers, I remember someone once said, a cell phone wallpaper of largely determines the user’s first impression, make person feel this iOS 9 of the wallpapers are very nice, added a total of 12 wallpapers.

Left: iOS 8.4.1 right: iOS 9 Disney Note 4 flip case

Left: iOS 8.4.1 right: iOS 9

After you upgrade a lot of people will want to question, will there be less of free space which is a cell phone? To small series of iPhone 6 Plus for cases, from iOS 8.4.1 upgrade to iOS 9 Hou, 16GB version of available space for 11.5GB around, this total of capacity no how many changes, but available capacity aspects more out has near 600MB, so results is obviously, this update finished Hou, we will more out some available space, this for small capacity version of iPhone user is a gospel’s. After you have updated the system, CPU run no change, that is, no increase in performance.

IOS 9 power save mode

Left: iOS-9 non-power-save mode run right: iOS-9 power-save mode run

This iOS 9 also more has a province electric mode, province electric mode will in you power below 20% of when play box reminded you whether need for update, while it also can in system set inside for manual opened, province electric mode will close background application of download and background application of refresh, while through run points we also understand to, province electric mode Xia of processor frequency has declined.

Left: iOS 8.4.1 font right: iOS 9 fonts

While in terms of font, font of this iOS 9 compared with previous ones, clearly felt fonts are all in bold, make person feel that this sudden change in font only slightly uncomfortable didn’t think what kind of look good, what kind of looks, this is a matter of opinion. Setting also adds a search bar can be set to easy search functions.

The iOS 9 also added two App, one is look for iPhone, the other one is to find a friend, which was going to download in the App store App, and now they have become with the iPhone application.

QQ music sharing feature to jump to the app, the app will appear on the left returns “QQ music” button

IOS 9 this also more has a returns of button, but this need you through a special of way, from a App jump to addition a App of when only will appeared, and it also not long-term exists, it stay of time probably is 1 minutes, for example I with App of a share function, will content share to micro-letter or QQ this class social software, so it on will appeared a returns Qian application of button.

Addition this also has a new of more task control way, but not know is Apple optimization problem also is what reasons, iOS more than 9 more task bar compared iOS 8.4.1 of more task bar in using up, obviously feel to has off frame of situation, but this situation currently only in iPhone 6 Plus Shang has obviously of feel, small series in with while of iPhone 6 of when does not will feel to more task bar of operation has obviously of off frame, this may and phone of resolution about, iPhone 6 Plus the physical rendering resolution of 2208×1242, and the physical resolution of the iPhone 6 is 1334×750, but this is likely to pass later optimization.

Addition small series as a heavy degrees of mobile paid user, usually of, and consumption Basic are is relies on paid treasure, and micro-letter, and they of paid way many are is sweep code, but currently in iOS 9 Shang these paid sweep code are cannot recognition, in you sweep code Hou will appeared Shang figure of situation, regardless of you is select “canceled” also is “copy content” are cannot sweep code success, cannot jump to paid page, this may need App late for iOS 9 for adjustment, anyway currently of situation is not available of.

Left: iOS 8.4.1 the search bar on the right: the iOS search bar 9

Left: iOS 8.4.1 the search bar on the right: the iOS search bar 9

In the system’s search bar, iOS 9 search bar is rich in features, added a SIRI suggested that SIRI proposals put some statistics out of the system you use recent software, make you more convenient quick start they also added “nearby”, you can search for some next dining entertainment.

This of search bar most important of improved actually is support equipment within all App of global search, is in search bar in playing “McDonald’s” of when, if you phone in has beauty mission, or mass, so will will search out on McDonald’s of some buy or evaluation information, but this need third party of App according to iOS 9 provides of new interface added this function, but currently these App also no for iOS 9 made changes, so small series in search “China Rai scholar” Did not appear to let the small series of humorous content (threw).

IOS 9 Twitter automatic switch language to English

IOS 9 update, the system will be mistaken for some App in your system language to English, so they are more App in your system language language set to English, is a small BUG, but you can modify language settings option in the App.

SIRI and the App

IOS 9 SIRI awakens animation Disney Note 4 case

Left: iOS 8.4.1 redeployment of SIRI in the message right: iOS 9 message from the SIRI

SIRI in the iOS 9 text messages can only be set to remind, this feature cannot be implemented on third-party App

IOS 9 of SIRI became more intelligent, in SMS in the, we can out SIRI, then on it said “afternoon reminded I see this”, similar such of sentences, we can put information of content set for reminded then let SIRI on time reminded we, and we in told SIRI Shi, we as long as said “this”, SIRI on will automatically put “this” recognition for current you view of SMS content, or you with of is “this pieces thing” it still can recognition, But found that this function can only be implemented in a system message, in the letter, or when you view the picture, SIRI cannot add a reminder for you, if this feature can be used if a wider memorandum of may be a good feature.

Disney Leather Flip Wallet Case For Samsung Galaxy Note 4

IOS 9 memo

IOS 9, System bring memos you can add more things, including photographs, pictures and handwritten memos.

Left: map of iOS 8.4.1 right: map of iOS in the 9

New iOS 9 map “nearby” search feature

IOS can finally check bus route 9 map

IOS 9 of since with App in the improved maximum of is it system since with of map, this map in original is very chicken, except positioning and navigation outside on no what other function has, and now iOS 9 in the it of function rich has many, it now can search near of some restaurant, shopping and entertainment, in using in the found this search function cover of shop also is many of, many upsets of shop also can search to, while we now also can with map to find bus route has.

Although map added of these function in third party of map App Shang early achieved has, but don’t forget, this is iOS since with of map, it has unique of superiority, it can tie some function let system out, like with SIRI to help you find bus route like of, but is unfortunately currently still not support offline map, so between China of phone network tariff expensive problem, so small series also is not recommends everyone long-term using iOS 9 since with map, occasionally with with loaded a * on good has.

The new “Wallet” App

This Wallet of function is put you of movie votes, and boarding pass, and offers coupons and so on these things Shang of II dimension code or barcode through sweep code of way save up, wants to using of when on points open it, select you wants to with of that, then it on will displayed, small series due to hand Shang no effective of movie votes, tickets like of, on casually sweep has a cookies of barcode try try, results found is cannot recognition of, while in online find has some expired of tickets sweep code is cannot recognition of.

Some improvements in the iPad

Use iOS 9 split screen of the iPad mini4 multitasking

Left: multitasking App to the right of the screen: split-screen does not support multiple task App

In iOS 9 in the also added has a Samsung Note series Shang is early some points screen more task function, this points screen more task can in you opened any application of when will touch points put in screen right edge left sliding, this points screen more task on will started, points screen more task currently only support 2GB RAM and more big RAM of iPad equipment, in iPad mini4 in the we using has this points screen function, currently it support some system since with of App, for example SMS, and album, While today’s QQ, and the Office also provides support for iPad-screen task.

But if that does not support split-screen on a multitasking App, the other side of the App will become gray, is inoperable.

Fake split-screen iPad mini3 multitasking App on the left in a gray State cannot operate

In 1GB RAM of equipment Shang small series also attempts to has about points screen more task, however also really of can, but left of App in gray State cannot operation, may is consider to RAM enough with of problem, will effect operation experience, Apple to 1GB RAM of equipment Lane has a fake points screen, looks is points has screen, actually addition side of App is not can operation of, only watch see with.

Maximize iOS 9 suspension on video

IOS 9 suspended video on minimize (inside the red box)

IOS 9 of flat equipment also support suspended video of function, but also need third party of App adapted, like latest of Tencent video HD on support this suspended video function, suspended of video window only displayed in screen of four a corner (four selected a), suspended video of window can adjustment size, maximum for Shang figure by shows, and minimum really of can adjustable have is small, also on see a bright……

Also some small details, such as the virtual keyboard’s SHIFT keys to activate the keyboard letter will follow the written input and switch into the corresponding uppercase and lowercase forms, folders on the iPad can display four rows and four columns per page, before three rows and three columns.


In iOS 9 does is once major of update, but iOS 9 these update of function many are early in Android Shang has achieved has, and iOS today to will they completed, but we don’t forget even is also of function put in iOS Shang and put in Android Shang also will has different of experience, this gap is iOS of closed and it of stability by brings of, that is from function Shang see iOS 9 is is has upgrade of necessary of, but! But! Small series of iPhone 6 Plus in upgrade Hou has can eye feel to part App has off frame of situation, is iPhone 6 Plus in upgrade Hou became more card has, and these Caton is may became you replaced equipment of reason, but you to said is card, pour also not cannot with, this update of some function also is practical and loaded * both of, for may to pay machine variable card of cost (temporarily not clear iPhone 6 upgrade Hou of Caton situation), As to upgrade or not to upgrade that opinions differ slightly.


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